E-Switchy Electric Bike Kit - Best ebike kit out there


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Jan 16, 2024
I have multiple ebike kits, tried them all. My personal favorite is the E-Switchy Electric Bike Kit www.eswitchybikes.com Here's why:

Customer service - is extremely professional, they answer calls and emails right away.

Quality - is Excellent! Decent power to go over mostly any hill, I am 180LB and enjoy going on some trails, more than enough power to get me over the hill. Battery lasts a long time many hours of riding over trails. Pretty fast too! I get about 28mph on pedal assist, throttle power only is a bit less. The kit is pretty light it's about 14LBS with all accessories so I don't feel much difference in weight from my original bike to my newly converted ebike, can still pick the bike up with one hand and loaded on my truck.

Warranty - I had a small issue with the controller they send me a new one right away, within a few days I was back on the road.

After sale services - I am old school and I needed help with the setup. I talked to one of their tech guys and he helped me set up the parameters like bike weight, rider weight etc to get the most accurate performance. Pretty cool

Supportive of a good cause - That's my favorite part, they support a cancer foundations. On their website it states from every sale they donate an amount to a cancer foundation, you don't see that often from businesses.

Conclusion, for me it is worth the investment. I love my bike and couldn't be happier with the E-Switchy product. Happy Customer and would recommend. If anyone interested check them out www.eswitchybikes.com