best kits to buy for powered wheelchair

No not that one. This one is the one I use. The one you linked is specific to the Rad Power Bike brand.

It has the black throttle plug so you need to use this throttle

And yes thats expensive for what you are getting. The other difference on these KT controllers is they use the red HIGOs for the brake cutoffs instead of the typical Bafang yellow, but I like this because it works directly with my chosen Magura MT5e brakes which also use red plugs. In your case you probably don't want cutoffs at all.

but i was hoping i could use my twist throttle i already have with the front part of my bike, but judging by what your saying i cant do that, ill have to get a thumb throttle from them to make it work? i also need a reverse do these controllers have that function? thanks
There is a way to share throttles between two different controllers (you'll need to do custom wiring by soldering some very thin wires)

This video shows multiple ways to do it, including a generic method.

But I would never do that personally. Learning to use separate throttle control only takes a few minutes and it magnifies the control over your awd vehicle enormously. With a unified throttle on an awd vehicle your acceleration is going to be really strong and you will be at much higher risk of bashing into things. ESPECIALLY with an 80 Nm motor on a 20" wheel, even with the controller set to slow-start. You will be able to do front wheel burnouts if you don't set that motor controller to slow-start, I bet. Those are fun for a couple of days and from then on they are a daily menace. Forget to start out with your wheel pointed straight and you could spin yourself right over. Thats a risk on my 2wd dual hub bike on full power and thats a freaking 26" wheel. The ability to select which axle is getting power (or hammer both of them when you please) is a big benefit you don't want to lose out on.

No ebike controllers support reverse that I know of.
ah ok thanks, the electronics arnt that hard to work out, i dont mind soldering wires to use my existing twist throttle, the front wheel all in one drive system i have atm has reverse on it, i wonder if its a custom job just like the rear wheel thing they have, looks like theres more things to consider
Hi im looking to buy a e-bike kit with a 1000w front wheel hub motor for a 20'' wheel, but i dont know what im buying really, are there any makes or models to avoid? what are the good makes or most reliable ones? any help would be great, thanks
Get a riding mower, no one will mess with ya.:rolleyes: