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Apr 8, 2024
United Kingdom

I have had a 350w yose power conversion kit for around a year now and it has been decent. However, I recently purchased a new bike and I am planning on converting the new bike as it is a lot newer frame and everything on it is more modern than my old one. My issue is that the things I want now are for the bike to be torquey and snappy as I want to have that element of power and fun.

I find that most of the Chinese kits you find on eBay are delayed on the throttle and I am struggling to find anything that is more quality. I was thinking of getting something like a 2000w or 3000w conversion kit but they are mainly for top speed and the throttle would still be delayed.

I have been looking more into pre-made bikes such as super73 and engwe bikes as I can trust that those will be snappy and more fun because they are in general more quality than those cheap chinese kits. My only issue with this is the bike is quite expensive and considering I already have a nice bike I was wondering if there were any nice conversion kits that are quality, snappy and somewhat powerful.

Surrons also seem like a great option as they fit all categories but they are very expensive and you can easily see that they are not road legal in the UK.

Let me know what you guys recommend.

I have a BBSHD mid drive kit. With the right display or programming software, the throttle can be configured to reduce delay. Same for pedaling, The BBS03 can also be configured as such.
Agree with Chuy. BBSHD is 1000W of fun. You can make it real torqued out if you want. You'll be able to get it set up exactly how you like if you are willing to put in the effort to pay attention to the setpoints. Bafangs have enough power to throw you off the bike if you aren't paying attention. You'll need to decide how much cost you are comfortable with. A Bafang kit usually requires at least a crank upgrade to get that sweet sweet Q-factor and usually a front chainring upgrade such as a Lekkie Bling Ring.