What does cinch mean

Depends on the context:
  • It's a cinch. (Meaning that it is easy or simple to do.)
  • It's a dead cinch or it's a lead-pipe cinch. (Meaning it is an absolutely simple, foolproof thing to do.)
  • In a cinch. (Similar to phrase "in a pinch", i.e., making do when nothing else is available.)
  • Cinch up. (Meaning to tighten.)
  • To have it cinched. (Meaning to have it solved.)
Not sure what advertisements you've been watching. I haven't noticed any examples lately.
What is Raceface cinch system?

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"Race Face's Cinch cranks use a proprietary interface that makes swapping chainrings quick and easy"
Hey everyone I keep seeing cinch in ads what is the significance of this.
In the UK, Cinch is a company which sells used cars online. It has a sister company called, "We Buy Any Car .Com". Cinch currently sponsors the England Cricket team and also sponsors a Premiership football (soccer) team.
Lol, think that was The Grinch. Cinch just steal your money.
Hi, I bought a ride1up 700series xr $$. I have gathered from other responses that it requires a little more assembly than others but I don't know. This is my first e-bike. The bike itself is heavy 62lbs. But I really like the look and for me it rides great. It also comes with tecktro brakes work very well for me. Has a 750 watt bafang hub motor with a 48v 15ah battery Samsung. I kinda wish it was a little larger but I am a big guy so 40 mile range with minimal effort is pretty good to me. Shimano gearset acera 8speed. Throttle says up to 20mph but mine goes farther. Display is a little small I think but very easy to read with large numbers. It also has a lot of tune ability compared to what some others have told me about theirs. The customer service is great but you can't get them on the phone. I know contradictory. Email and they are quick. I had a bent derailleur they just sent new and were willing to pay for install I needed. I complained about tubes they just sent more nothing really wrong with the old but loosing some pressure. I would recommend. I would also recommend what you are doing wish I had done some test riding at local shops but not any around. Anyway hope that may help someone. Thanks to the others that replied too I am just as curious.
This .


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