UK thieves steal then re-steal


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3:51 AM
Mar 10, 2024
Calgary AB
Hmm... What's to stop a thief sticking an AirTag under your seat or mudguard or whatever, and tracking it to your home?

But this story seems to have the wrong end of the stick. It doesn't mean that your own tracking device (ie registered to you) is being used against you.
This stuff is always very disappointing. Big bummer.

My response to it is always - no trackers, no locks. I simply don't leave it alone. Too many not nice people in the universe.
The clickbait article title is deceiving it makes it sound like your tracking device is somehow being used against you when in fact the article is about thieves using tracking to re-steal bikes after they have sold them on.

In my opinion that's better than them steeling a new bike every time. If you didn't investigate it and bought a stolen bike and it gets stolen from you I don't have the same sympathy for you as if you bought it legitimately.