Suggestions for a warning headlamp


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Jul 5, 2022
So my Aventon Pace 550.2 comes with an integrated headlight (and rear lights) which I generally keep on at all times while riding to enhance my ability to be seen, whether riding day or night.

I’m looking for a second level headlight which I can activate on/off with a remote thumb switch on my handlebar. Ideally, it will be quite bright, and will be able to rapidly flash.

My goal is to able to turn the second light on when approaching a higher danger situation, such a when approaching a non-stop intersection with a waiting car, when riding in situations with more cross traffic, etc. Just more of a caution/warning light kind of thing.

The remote thumb switch is important to me, as I don’t want to be distracted by fishing around for a button on the light when I need it quickly.

Are there any such products you guys already use and would recommend?


As an aside to @Anton, another idea for a future subforum you might consider down the road, would be an eBike Accessories area (lights, bells, GPS devices, compasses, cameras, cargo bags, panniers, cargo racks/baskets, pumps, repair kits, first aid kits, etc). Just something to stuff in the suggestion box.
Did you find one?
I searched for "remote controlled bike lights" on Amazon and several came up
Look at your favorite gun site. The have flashlights that are remote switch operated including colors and strobes. A strobes will get drivers attention for sure