Bike trail and intersection problem

I am at home. it's a sunny day, 20 C outside and 19 C inside.

I am currently eating some great self-made Spaghetti all'Amatriciana for lunch outside in the sun, with real pancetta brought here with me from Bologna, while watching the (Atlantic) ocean in front of me.

What could I ask more for? I just hope the Gods will be merciful and not send me too much hubris after this post... :giggle:
I think a "STOP" sign for the bicycles, and a second sign that says "Press the crosswalk button and wait for the WALK symbol before crossing" is the Occam's razor answer.

Answer number 2: Move the bicycle "sensors" further up the trail, so that the red light for the cars will have time to engage.
Yes! Whatever is set up for pedestrians.
I thought I'd update this thread. The yellow/red traffic signals have been removed. The trail sensors have been replaced with sensors that are much closer to the intersection. You have to be within 10' or so of the intersection before it signals some new flashing lights on overhead poles to start flashing and warn cars about pedestrians or cyclists about to cross. No more red lights and no more crosswalk signal to trail users. Just flashing white lights next to a yellow pedestrian diamond shaped overhead sign. Stop signs for trail users. It's still a mess. Idiots on the trail and in the cars. They still can't figure it out. We are now up to about $280,000 for the intersection signals.