stolen and returned ancheer dolphin ebike no longer charges


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Jul 15, 2021
my little ebike was stolen and the cops returned it and now it will no longer charge. I am heart broken. I don't drive a car. This is my only transport and I ride everyday. I had it locked up underneath a camera at my local Kroger. They broke my cable combination lock right there on camera. These thieves really hurt me. Can the charge port be repaired?

The battery level light goes up, then goes down, then it blinks. So I don't know if the battery is the only problem since the battery level light is doing something it never has before. I really need to get this fixed. I'm disabled and can't just buy a $500 bike every month. I've only had my little whip since the stimulus. I saw the jerk ride past on the bike trail and helped the cops catch him. He had configured some other kind of power source. There was a strange buzz as it rode by. That's how I noticed him. I really can't figure this out.
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