No Level Control with KT Controller


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6:19 AM
Jun 5, 2023
My Samebike is now equipped with a new KT 1000 W controller with KT-3 LCD. Motor I believe is the Bfang 750W. After making several connector changes, I can get bike to operate, via throttle. Can program LCD-3 P and C codes.
However, the bike speed control is the same with each PAS level 1-5. That is from 0 to 40mph. With old controller I had specific % ranges of battery power. Now no portional speed for each level 1-5. The new KT controller does not have a wire for motor speed sensor (white one), although the controller does report a speed soon after taking off. Also, the PAS sensor is defective (waiting on parts). I have a second bike which works just fine, I I can ride it with just Throttle setting without pedaling, so expect the same for the first bike. This is my last resort since cannot find anything on the web.
Do you think since the PAS sensor if defective the controller goes into a limp home mode & only allows the hand throttle to work.
Could be. However although throttle works all levels 1-5 are the same 100%.
Still think something wrong in configuration