Accolmile 48v 17.5Ah will not charge


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Apr 17, 2024
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One of my keys brushed the charge port on the battery. I saw a bright blue spark (short). The battery was fully charged and operated the bike fine. However, it will no longer accept a charge when plugged into the factory charger. Did it completely fry the BMS? Is there an in-line fuse that I might be able to replace? Any advice is appreciated. I am only marginally electrical savvy. So pictures, and specifics are a big help. Thanks.
Awesome! :)

Hopefully ya won't need to do that again ;)

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Depending on what type of bike/battery, you'll have to open the battery case. Usually the charge fuse (could be full size, or in my case mini automotive fuse) will be located near the charge plug area. Should be in a protective rubber/plastic case or wrapped well in silicone tape. Remove the fuse & check for damage/burnt/short and replace with a new one, if so. If you cannot visually tell, use a voltmeter continuity test on it. Then, just secure protective sleeve/tape and reassemble battery case.
I believe the fuse is the red one, but I'm struggling to get it out. Do you know if I should just apply more force?
I got it out.
That "NO TEAR OFF" sticker might be there for a reason, but I don't know if Accolomile has a warranty support service in the UK.
I'll look for a fuse replacement now.
Thank you very much.

Update: Found a replacement. Generic car fuse kit:
Thank you again. I'll post once it's fixed.
I don't think the fuse needs to be oriented based on polarity.
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