Loss of TCU display.

Richard W - in UK

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8:19 PM
Jun 28, 2023
Sussex, UK
Hi everyone.
I have a problem, probably of my own making, with my (otherwise wonderful) Turbo Vado SL 5 - purchased in September last year.
A few weeks ago, in order to keep a check on mileage during a ride, I fitted a Cateye Velo Wireless Cyclecomputer to the bike. Immediately I noticed that I was longer able to see the usual TCU display of current mode, battery charge, current speed etc. while riding. I assume this was the result of the Cateye
blue-tooth signal interfering with it.
The actual riding experience was fine otherwise and the TCU display comes back when re-charging - but not when riding.
I have now removed the Cateye units but the problem remains.
My question is, will my effecting a factory reset return the 'while riding' display on the TCU? Or could it possible cause further problems?
I accept that I'll probably lose the record of previous rides and mean that I will have to re-set the Mission Control settings - but that's ok.
Advice and comment would be very welcome.