Searching for a Heart Rate Monitor


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Mar 24, 2024
My e bikes give me almost all the info I want except a display of my current heart rate. I have tried my iWatch and a chest strap and iPhone but both run out of battery after about a 2 hour ride. Has anyone found a simple display that talk to a polar chest strap? The only alternative that I have found so far is a bike computer which will also provide a lot of redundant information. All I really want tomsee is my current heart rate at the handlebars!
Welcome......not into all that new fancy stuff personally.....this has worked for years and is easy to perform. Have fun!

How to measure heart rate by hand
  1. Take the pads/tips of your index (pointer) finger and middle finger.
  2. Press them gently against the side of your neck (just under your jawline). ...
  3. Count the number of beats you feel for 15 seconds. ...
  4. Multiply the number of beats by 4.
  5. That number is your heart rate.
Living in the heavily forested and extremely steep in some areas Idaho mountains, while I may want to know my heartrate on a climb to ensure I am keeping it in my zone for the day, I don’t want to let go of the handlebars to measure at my neck and watch the tickdown of 15 seconds. I know your approach works as I used it for years before buying my first watch for running, so thanks. At 78 I am being told not to run my HR up to max anymore.