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May 26, 2023
Agoura Ca
Hello all Turbo Levo enthusiasts out there
Just joined ebike forum and wanted to reach out to say hello and introduce myself.
I live in Agoura, Ca and have been an avid cyclist for over 30 years. Yes, Im old but young at heart. Since my kids were born 20 yrs ago Ive been primarily a mountain biker. My Wife
requested I hang up my trusted orange Yeti Road Project when our first of two kids was in the oven.
Fast forward, I was fortune enough to pick up a 2023 Turbo Levo Expert Carbon back in November. Sticker shock aside, its been an amazing life style change. Im able to rip 20 plus mile rides like I was 30 yrs old again. After many upgrades to the bike since purchase, Im pretty dialed. Will be posting a bike check soon. If you live in the area you've definitely seen me out with “The Black” on the local trails as Ive noticed you as well. So good for the soul!
Lets talk Speedbox 3.0 for the 2.2 Brose. Just installed it for the second time. After not activating, I sent a boot up vid clip to SB CS.
They got back to me next day. I found out my start up menu mode which I customized is assistance mode, cadence and heart rate.
Turned out I needed to scroll to my 2nd menu page where I have speed which is the mode that activates w/ speedbox. So success its working and Im gonna go claim a certain #1 PR Ive been sooting for. So curious what other speedbox menu and page set ups others are using. Have others had problems activating SB 3.0? Recommended tweaks? Ride on!


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