Velotric T1 Upgrades


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Aug 28, 2023
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I have a mountain bike, a trail bike, and two road bikes. Due to age (78) and health, I have transitioned to an ebike for fitness. I considered the medium T1 and the medium T1 ST. The T1 has an aggressive road bike geometry. The T1 ST has a more upright hybrid bike geometry.

Through its App, the T1 offers three riding (power) modes: city, adventure, and max. I chose the T1 because of these riding modes, thinking that I could adjust the geometry if needed by upgrading the stem or handlebars. This has turned out to be a good choice.

I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. I ride in adventure mode and occasionally in max mode. The weight of the T1 is only 6 lbs heavier than my trail bike so I can load and unload it without assistance.

I have moved my Race Face Ride Pedals and my Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount to the T1. I use a Peak Design Everyday case on my phone. I have installed Ergon GP3 grips.

I have a Garmin Cadence Sensor 2 on the left crank arm and a Garmin Speed Sensor 2 on the front hub. I wear a Polar H9 Heart Rate Monitor. I use the free SuperCycle app on my phone which collects data on time active, time paused, distance, elevation gain and loss, average and maximum speed, cadence, and heart rate, percentage of time in my target heart rate zone, and calories.

The T1 geometry turned out to be too aggressive causing hand numbness so I upgraded the handlebars. The original handlebar specs are 31.8mm clamp diameter, 680mm width, rise 30mm, backsweep 6 degrees. The new handlebar is the PROFILE DESIGN ULTRA FR OS MTB BAR with specs 31.8mm clamp diameter, 660mm width, rise 60mm, backsweep 10 degrees. There was enough cable slack to accommodate this handlebar. This increase in rise and backsweep and decrease in width feels comfortable to me.

For years, I have ridden a 2011 Specialized Crosstrail with a 640mm bar. A similar result can be obtained using a MSW 25 STEM with specs 60mm length, 31.8mm clamp diameter, 25 degrees, 40mm stack height. This stem could be drilled and tapped to accommodate the light bracket, but the bar upgrade is easier.

FYI, a T1 ST reviewer at appears to have upgraded using the Amazon handlebar BW 31.8 clamp diameter, 700mm width, 96mm rise; he states that there was enough cable slack to accommodate this handlebar. Shortening handlebars is easily done if desired. See YouTube.

Link to a photo of the upgrade


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Jun 16, 2018
Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you've spent some time optimizing your ebike. Thanks for sharing the details with everyone!