Aventon Upgrades to Level 2


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10:37 AM
Apr 2, 2024
SW Florida
If you own a level.2 and are looking for some upgrade ideas I have done the following:

We have hard dips in my community between sidewalk and street, necessitating off seat when traversing, so to avoid that issue, I added the SAFORTBikes Bicycle Suspension Seatpost. Easy install and I can stay on the seat over harsher transitions.

I felt that the seat was too hard and narrow, so I went with Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat. Aventon sells the Cloud 9, but its one pound heavier than the Bikeroo.

I also feel that the level 2 setup requires me to lean to far forward so I installed a Qikour Bike Stem Adjustable 60 Degree Handlebar Stem. Install was a bit tricky and leaves the light dangling. I reattached the light to the clamp for the reflector, but this is not ideal and I am still looking for a solution. I set the stem to 40 degrees, but will likely raise up a bit more.

Overall these have made my ride a bit better at a total cost of only $131.00