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Mar 20, 2024
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I'm 77 years old and had lung cancer nearly 3 years ago so only have one lung but still like to cycle. I ride a Bianchi Impulso E Road which has a Pollini EP3 Motor. Unfortunately at my age I also have all sorts of neck issues when I tilt my head upwards so plan to convert the bike from drops to flats get a more upright position. I'm aware that putting flat bars a on a road bike can cause all sorts of problems because of the geometry of a road frame etc and it would be better if I just bought a touring bike. Cost is prohibitive though so I want to go the conversion route. Biggest issue are the handle bars and the amount of backsweep I think I need to keep me upright. Any advice from other cyclists would be appreciated.
Short answer...I would get a touring bike if you can afford that route. It will provide a lot of posture relief and other comforts you may not be thinking about.

Longer answer...I added a crusier style stem and some new handlebars to convert my mountain bike into more of a touring posture due to neck stuff, and it doesn't feel as good riding it as it did when it was all mountain bike. Your mileage may vary. However my bike was originally unmotorized. The addition of the motor and battery definitely changed its balance. Some of my experience has to be attributed to that.
Thanks for your reply. My wallet says convert the road bike, my head says buy a a touring. If only I didn't need an e- bike, life would be so much simpler and cheaper!
I was thinking about what I wrote and it's decent advice that doesn't help very much. If you have a local bike shop, it might be helpful to tell them what you're trying to do, they may have some really good ideas on how to change your setup around so it is more upright.

With mine, I was trial and error guessing how much rise and sweep I wanted, and i wasted money on multiple stems. There is a lot of junk out there that does not belong on a bike.

I am used to my bike's balance quirks now, and I feel comfortable riding it. It is not the ideal cruiser, and that's the issue with trying to change the cockpit geometry. You could probably arrive at the same place with your Bianchi.
Good to hear your still pushing forward.

Google "adjustable bike head stem" and look for a stem that you can mount to your forks steering tube. Between this and a bar with more rise, you can get something that gets you alot more upright. The quirky feel from changes will go away with time. Your body will adapt.

This is what I looked up: https://www.google.com/search?q=adjustable bike head stem

I took an old MTB and did this to make it into a commuter/touring bike. You can get quite creative with adjustable stems.
I hear ya, I too have neck issues & a busted hook-shaped sacrum both, requiring upright ride.,(75).
I've found bars similar to north road, but extend straight from the stem nearly 6' both sides each
before rising 3" & sweeping back at the grips. the straight portion leaves plenty of room for display etc.
The back sweep brings the grips closer to my body for a more upright angle as well as a more
comfortable hand position than riser bars that extend straight to the side. ( Chrome has totally
wrecked my storage, or I'd post an image, gnarr!:mad:)
Thanks for your advice and comments everyone. Speaking to a couple of bike mechanics the consensus of opinion was don’t convert a road framed bike to flats, the geometry’s wrong, buy a new bike. Think my initial plan will now be a combination of strengthening neck muscles and to grin and bear the pain.