Hello, from The Crystal Coast of NC.


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Mar 8, 2024
The Crystal Coast
Hello everyone...

I have been an avid road cyclist that started in the 70's. I ditched my carbon roads bikes years ago and have been riding a Raleigh Port Townsend for a few years now, but as I have aged (63) with back, leg, feet and shoulder issues I find it hard to ride like I did..

I ordered my first E-bike an Aipas A2 Elite step thru 2 days ago and waiting on delivery. I ordered one for now for my wife and I to give a try and if we like it I'll order a second.

Welcome. I am 2 years into ebiking and really enjoying it. I get good exercise while minimizing risk. [I'm heavy and shouldn't be taking on inclines without an assist.]

You live in a great region for biking. My sister lives in NC. Enjoy.
Welcome......like you....can't ride a bike anymore due to new hip and knee......ebike was a great option.....love it.....I ride in PA 1 95% of time for some exercise.....knowing that extra boost is there on hills is a great feeling. Be safe....have fun!
Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!

I started with a bike like that for my wife; she felt it was too heavy, but she's kind of a wimp. You may end up with that one and getting something lighter for her.

Start riding with her on the eBike and you on your Raleigh; you won't have to hold back. You'll have to ask HER to hold back on the hills!

My wife finally wound up with an Electra Townie GO! 7D, which lets her have her feet down at intersections with her butt still in the saddle and still get OK leg extension. Is your wife able to coast to a stop standing on one pedal, so that she can have the seat high enough to get full leg extension?

Enjoy your stay!