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Oct 12, 2023
New Jersey
Hello e-biker’s,
Had an issue recently trying to re-program a Bafang hub motor. I purchased the usb communication cable to talk with the controller. I have the 48v 1000w BBS03/HD motor. I was able to upload the info from the controller, and I then only changed a couple of the PA values and the speed setting. I then downloaded the new values To the controller (did not save the original file—yup I know), I then wanted to check to see if the values actually changed, so I again upload from the controller, and then I noticed that all of the PA values and other info was all scrambled up and different. every time I tried to put the info back (I did take a pic with my phone) the values wouldn’t take, each time I uploaded from the controller the values were all over the place. I decided to take the bike for a ride, and the motor wouldn’t work, and got the dreaded 30H error on the display. I eventually ordered a new controller online, and installed it, and now the bike is back the way it was, works fine. But now I’m real Leary about trying to connect it to the computer again. I read online where a lot of people have had great success uploading their data and customizing their controller settings the way they like them with no issues. Does anyone know what went wrong, or what I did wrong to kill my controller. Any info would be appreciated.. I’m new to the forum, but I have three e-bikes, one strictly for road Commuting, one I use for off-road trails, and one 4” fat tire I use for the beach. Love riding, and the distance that I get from the e-bike as opposed to the standard mountain bike. I uploaded a pic of the bike I had issues with….
thanks folks……..


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