Hello from PDX!!


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3:26 AM
Apr 7, 2024
Portland, OR
I am the proud owner of 4 e bikes all in various stages disrepair.
My baby is my 2022 FreeGo DK200. Unfortunately I yanked the hall sensor wires hard enough that a couple broke at the axle entry point.
Next I have a battery-less 2020 Pedego Ridge Rider which I might get rid of because my buddy somehow bent the rear rim.
Third on the menu is my Aventon Pace 500.1 for which I am waiting for Aventon to get the bc280 display/controller bundle in stock so that I can get back on it. Cracked the original display and water got in it and yeah.
Last but definitely not least is the beast. My 2019 Rad Power Bike Rad City 4. It is the only bike running at the moment .
I'll post pics of them later. Right now I intend to cruise the forum looking for bits of knowledge.