1. texcc

    New Ancheer 5870 color led display letter C is flashing

    Help new ancheer gladiator 5870 bike 12 miles color led screen where u adjust between pedal assist 1-5 and all elect 0...the letter C flashes. No help im getting from seller .
  2. Jjebike2

    Ancheer fold E-bike stopped working while riding

    Hi. I have an ancheer fold e-bike and I was riding it a couple days ago and it stopped working. I hear a clicking sound coming from the motor hub after engaging with the throttle. Can anybody help?
  3. G

    Ancheer - Cable that connects controller and electric motor disconnected

    My bike is Ancheer. The cable that connects the controller and the electric motor came off as soon as it started. But if I keep the rear wheel in the air, the cable does not disconnect. The wheel spins. What is broken? How to fix it?
  4. M

    Ancheer 26” city bike problems

    Hi I’m new to e-bikes totally alien to me.. I purchased my bike from eBay they have now deleted the listing and Ancheer themselves aren’t interested it’s not even 1yr old… Bike was working fine then lights stopped working and now it turns on if I lift the rear wheel up all is good but the...
  5. D

    Replacement motor for Ancheer folding mountain bike

    Newbie. Ancheer 26" folding mountain bike. Believe motor has a short - it "stutters" when hit throttle but no power. I'm trying to find replacement motor which would work inside the existing wheel hub - wheel has plastic spokes. Serial number on motor is PY36V26"250W21040343. Seems like a 36V...
  6. D

    Ancheer rear axle snapped

    The rear axle on my Ancheer e bike has snapped. Does anybody know how I could fix it. I notice it's very similar to a carreera axle and wondered if you could adapt it. Don't ask to go to Ancheer, it's a waste of time, you can never get spares off them, I gave up months ago. thanks
  7. J

    For Sale Ancheer brushless motor controllers

    I have 2 of these both were working when they came out of my ancheer ebike. The green motor wire on both is missing the barrel connector but I used a wire cap. No longer have the bike so no longer need these. Make me an offer, shipping in conus , PayPal only.
  8. X

    Throttle related wiring problem. Upgrading my Ancheer Mtn's K controller to a to a K36 controller

    I've installed new controller but I cant get throttle to work (no response). New controller seems to work ok for display and 6km display function test works. I think its is something basic I'm missing, I've tried new twist throttle, (I've tried with just a twist display and key/volt meter too)...
  9. X

    Ancheer 26" bike - upgrade limited controller and display for more capability?

    Have new Ancheer 26" bike, 36V 12.5 AH 450W motor, model PY36V25 motor (brushless). I would like to upgrade its limited controller and display for more capability I would at least like more PAS options and a digital display. Can anyone recommend a controller/ display combination that would give...
  10. DStraub67

    Stolen and returned Ancheer Dolphin ebike no longer charges

    My little ebike was stolen and the cops returned it and now it will no longer charge. I am heart broken. I don't drive a car. This is my only transport and I ride everyday. I had it locked up underneath a camera at my local Kroger. They broke my cable combination lock right there on camera...
  11. B

    Tire Tube Question for ANCHEER 26 Inch Electric Mountain Ebike

    So i need a new tire tube for my e-bike but not sure what size i should be looking for. These are the numbers on the tire 26x1.95/50-559
  12. H

    Where Can I Find Parts For The 26" Ancheer Power Plus E-bike

    I have a 26" Ancheer Power Plus & I'm looking for parts do you know where i can get some parts?