(still) Looking for hardtail frame for Bafang M620/Ultra


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12:15 AM
Mar 17, 2023
Still haven't found a frame. I caught a great deal on an new M620. Thought I would just keep it as a backup for my QK Ibex, but decided I want a hardtail bike for touring. (Plus it's 52V and the Ibex runs on 48V.)

But literally the only m620/Ultra hardtail frames I can find are:
Either from Alibaba and I can't seem to get any of those sellers to ship me a 'sample'
A titanium frame which will cost over $1000 shipped, frame only.

Part of my problem with FS frames is that the rear shock typically invades the space where I'd like to put a big triangle battery. But I'll also need to have a rear rack and panniers, and those options are very limited for FS bikes.

Any other leads?

Other questions:

No way to mount that motor on an M600 (or other Bafang mid-drive) frame without cutting and welding, right?

Am I incorrect in believing that a carbon frame will be less durable than a metal (aluminum/titanium/alloy) frame?