My eBike Build - Custom 2000’s Nashbar Bike


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Sep 2, 2023
Lakeside, CA
I am going to use this thread to document the mid-drive eBike conversion to my custom-built pedal-pushing Nashbar mtn bike. Truth be told, ‘custom‘ is used loosely here - other than the frame, I only needed a top-pull front derailleur to complete the ‘customization’ from the donor bike, an Ibex Ignition II I bought in 2005. The Nashbar frame I purchased in late 2000’s for about $150. At the time the Ibex had a leaking rear shock and I wanted the lighter weight of a hard tail. The resulting Nashbar bike has been an excellent all a-rounder; it should handle the power of the Bafang BBSHD motor I want to install. Besides, I don't ride hard and I don’t intend to ride single-track trails.
Note: I still have the Ibex dual-suspension frame and may decide to build it back up with a mid-drive kit as well one day.

Current setup

Type: 26-inch hardtail
Frame: 2007’ish Nashbar 7005 or 6061 series mtn-bike frame
Handlebar: Venzo bullhorn 25.4x455mm
Drivetrain: 8-speed, 11-32
Shifters: Shimano ST-EF51 with integrated brake levers
Crankset: Prowheel double 28/44; 175mm
Derailleurs: Microshift M26-rear; Shimano 3x8-front
Brakes: Tektro IO mechanical 160mm disc, front and rear
Fork: Marzocchi MZ Comp
Weight: 35 lbs

Ibex donor bike: