old mtn bike getting a motor and studded tires


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May 20, 2021
I bought a lot of 15 old mtn bikes last spring to harvest parts for my bike projects. Some were scrap only some were good for parts and I kept a couple to recycle. Of those couple an old steel frame mtn bike was selected. Solid forks, 7 speed, 26" wheels. All the old paint and rust was removed. I had a new rear wheel with a disc brake mount so a caliper mount was made from a piece of 1/8" steel and it now has rim frt brake/ disc rear brake. The frame was painted Tremclad yellow and a BBS02 750 watt motor installed. New tires and the bike was ridden this summer. It was dismantled this fall for storage.
I have a BBSHD equipped fatbike used on single track in winter but in the vein of you need N plus 1 number of bikes and considering I got a great deal on 2 Schwalbe ice spiker 26" by 2.1" tires it was decided to put the bike back on the road. It should be very nice on hard packed or icy bike trails plus the odd backroad. I'm just in the process of getting it ready for the road and when it's done a picture will be posted. For now the motor has a 36 tooth chain ring but a 47 or 48 is sitting on the shelf if needed.
Hugh, i actually captured that last image you posted would you like me to post it here to you?
Here is a shot of the bikes in the garage.

It rained here on Dec 9 then froze so lots of ice which meant a great test run. And the tires are fantastic on ice. Spots where there was slightly deeper snow not packed down by vehicles were a bit squirrely but otherwise not bad.
Last week was the first test ride, the area where I ride the fat bike on singletrack trails was quite icy and most of the snow had melted so it was a good place to ride in the woods. The bike had a 36 tooth chainring and a few times when I stopped in the bush my habit is to use the throttle briefly to start off then pedal. Darned if the bike didn't want to wheelie a little every time the throttle was used to start, especially if there was a slight uphill, great fun.