Home made delta trike


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12:30 PM
May 20, 2021
First off I must explain that every so often I get the urge to experiment and build bikes/trikes. There is a topic on this forum where a 2 wheeled recumbent with full suspension was built. It turned out okay but I just couldn't get the hang of riding it. So it was decided to convert it to a delta trike. A childs mtn bike was purchased. It came with 20" by 2.8" wide wheels with disc brakes. It was cut up and the wheels became the rear wheels for the trike. The rear triangle was retained allowing the stock drive system to be used' A BMX front fork was cut up and converted to a triangle to hold the other rear wheel.
The front part of the 2 wheel frame mentioned above was repurposed for the main delta frame and the front suspension fork from the kids bike was installed on the front. Front wheel is a 2" tire. Motor is a BBSO2