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  1. R

    Bafang 24/36/48W Controller - Need Wiring Help

    I've assembled almost everything except the actual wheel and the wiring (front hub motor). One of the important things I am trying not to put on are the brake levers. I already have hydraulic brakes and I really do not want to have two sets of brake levers on the handlebars; I already have...
  2. R

    First ride on my Bafang 500W front hub conversion - Questions

    OK so yesterday I took out my 26" hardtail with the new 500W Bafang front hub motor and 13.5 Ah battery to some real riding, not just on the street. Weight of bike including rear rack, duffel bag with 3 pints of water and some other stuff is 59 lbs (plus myself). Not a bad total weight for $750...
  3. Easyebikes

    Bafang error 30 750w 250w

    Right I guess we have all seen this type of thread before, ive done a lot off researching into regards to this. My situation a bit is a little bit different so to cut it short I have a 750w motor with a color screen that just decided not to start after a simple comute to work for ten min, I...
  4. ebikesforum

    Bafang 8Fun Programming Software & Guide (BBS02, BBSHD)

    If you own a Bafang mid-drive motor you may want to change a thing or two in the controller programming. You will need the program cable, and program software, available by logging in and clicking Download above.You will also need a Windows computer to run the software. Once you have your...
  5. DaveD

    Bafang speed limit by license is there a way to change the limit.

    Dear all, I am new here and with Bafang and need some advise. I ordered a nice urban E bike with 250W Bafang mid motor and the seller told me the bike is limited to 25 km ph. I like to change the limit to 35 or so . I read i can adjust normally it in the Display but the seller told me the speed...
  6. W

    Christini All Wheel Drive Bafang BBSHD Electric Fatbike

    It seems Christini has finally put a Bafang mid-drive on their AWD fatty. This one has a hopped up and highly illegal BBSHD, but the bike is sold with either the BBS02 or the BBSHD: More on the Christini system here: Christini All Wheel Drive...
  7. SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser ebike Bafang BBSHD.JPG

    SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser ebike Bafang BBSHD.JPG

  8. B

    Luna BBS02

    My wife confiscated my BBS02 hardtail which has a 52V, 10 a-h battery, so I constructed a similar bike in order to ride with her. Already had a mid-80's Schwinn High Sierra frame (back yard reclamation) and the other parts for assembly including a $400 Luna BBS02. To make a long story short, I...
  9. Jaybriault

    Bafang 48v 750w rear hub kit

    Looking for some info on my new kit it didn't come with instructions on setup its wired up but don't have battery yet it's on the way. I did have a 12v battery and got the display working but it comes up with error code 30h any one have any information about this kit thanks
  10. B

    Bafang BBS02 Controller Stuck On?

    When ever I switch the battery on my bafang BBS02 750W ebike it takes off when the peddles are moving, I have no way to change the power level and I can't switch it to no PAS. Trying to program the controller doesn't change anything. Not sure how to fix this?
  11. ebikesforum

    BAFANG BBS01/BBS02 Installation Manual

    Installation Guide for Bafang BBS01/BBS02 mid drive motor kits.
  12. Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor.jpg

    Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor.jpg

  13. T

    Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor 1000+ watts, insane 160N.m

    I'm curious to me that the latest Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor isn't getting much attention or use in many mainstream bikes. 1000+ watts, insane 160N.m of torque, user-programmable and an apparent sturdy build quality. Am I missing something? What are your thoughts?
  14. R

    Bafang BBS02 secret wires - possibly for lights?

    When installing my BBS02 kit, I found some secret wires with clear plastic on them, are these for the lights by any chance? It would be nice to run some LED's off the battery for riding at night. Please see attached photo:
  15. V

    More power by upgrading BBS01 from 36V to 48V controller?

    Hello, I have a BBS01 with a 36V controller and battery, but I am after more power and it is coming time to replace the battery. My question - Is it safe for the motor if I upgrade to a 48V controller and battery?
  16. I

    Bafang Ultra

    A friend of mine has an ebike with a Bafang Ultra (1600W of power with stock settings). The bike was great to ride but when the power was off it was really hard to pedal. You wouldn't want to run out of juice with this bike if you are too far from home! It's not really a bike at all if you ask...
  17. C

    Bafang BBSHD on a Specialized Stumpy

    I'm planning to install a BBSHD on a Specialized Stumpy with a 68mm bottom bracket as my second e-bike build. I saw another build thread where someone did exactly such a build using the standard 68-73mm BBSHD kit.
  18. ebikesforum

    Bafang BBSHD Wiring Diagram

    Bafang BBSHD Wiring Diagram by LunaCycle
  19. J

    Bafang PAS - Riding with another person

    Just a quick question for Bafang owners... The way I understand it is that the PAS levels are each set to give a fixed number of watts progressively rising from level 1 through 9. I also understand that you can use fewer levels and program you own power settings. So, how does this work to...
  20. Shamcc1985

    Hi there - Giant Talon 1 Bafang 750W

    Owner of a carrera Vulcan ebike and giant talon 1 2020model with bafang 750 mid drive