1. daverave64

    bafang 500c display hard to turn on and off

    hello, push button on/off is hard to activate. has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix?
  2. R

    Display dead? Diagnose! BBS02

    I have the Bafang BBS02b. I've got about 3000 miles on it, its been very reliable. Finally getting around to changing the PAS levels so that: PAS 1: just enough assist so that it's like a super lightweight bicycle. Because of motor drag it's very hard to pedal with no motor assist PAS 3...
  3. D

    For Sale Luna Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit

    I would like to offer my completely unworn, uninstalled Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit, which comes with a number of extra upgrades and accessories. Luna Cycles' "Hot Rod" variant is this one. This fits only bikes with a 68mm bottom bracket, which is the most popular size for road and...
  4. jjavaman

    Chain falls off Bafang M620

    Hi group new guy here. I’m having trouble with the chain coming off the front chain ring. The bike worked great the 1st few times I took it on the trails but last Sunday the chain started falling off the chainring, I looked down and it was like a derailer pushed it onto the non existent granny...
  5. J

    Convert a Surly Ice Cream Truck with Bafang Mid Drive

    I've heard various opinions that you can/can not convert a Surly Ice Cream Truck and am hoping someone can set the record straight. I talked to a Bafang dealer and they said you absolutely could convert so I just pulled the trigger on a new Surly Ice Cream Truck that will be delivered in a few...
  6. mocles

    Do most hub motors found in ebikes have the same case size as the bafang hub motors?

    Looking into replacing a Wallke 20x4 1000w motor with the g063. Is the core the same size? Tom
  7. D

    Bafang bsdhd on Specialized Mtb-bike- bike on upper frame?

    Hi there! Im new on this forum. Well i really need some help and suggestions from you. I put a Bafang 1000w on a MTB -Specialized bike. The problem is that battery dont fit the lower frame. The battery is about 1cm thicker then the gap between the frames. Any suggestion, accept shift the bike...
  8. E

    bafang BLDC for E-Bike A2

    Hello, I have a Villette L’ Amant with a Bafang BLDC for E-Bike A2 motor in the back wheel. I'm trying to reprogram it because after level 3 there is no difference in electric support. I tried with the Bafang programming tool and a bafang connection to usb port cable, but it won't connect. Does...
  9. E

    (still) Looking for hardtail frame for Bafang M620/Ultra

    Still haven't found a frame. I caught a great deal on an new M620. Thought I would just keep it as a backup for my QK Ibex, but decided I want a hardtail bike for touring. (Plus it's 52V and the Ibex runs on 48V.) But literally the only m620/Ultra hardtail frames I can find are: Either from...
  10. R

    Rize Bolt Bafang 500 battery replacement.

    Are the Freedoh batteries available on Amazon compatible with my bikes. They appear to be physically identical to the originals and same amperage. The price is less than half the price of the original battery.
  11. E

    Bafang question -- can M620 be mounted in a frame for the G510?

    As the title says I'm shopping for a hardtail frame for an M620. I've found a couple which say they're compatible with the G510 which is basically the same motor. But I don't know whether they share the exact same mounting requirements/specifications. And the folks I'm dealing with are in...
  12. C

    Hi From Oz - Bafang m260 problems

    I have an issue with my bafang m260 mid drive not working. I'd like to be able to diagnose the problem myself and am looking for software to facilitate this. I'm aware of the Besst software and others but my issue is that I'm an avid linux user (Ubuntu) and am looking for software that will work...
  13. N

    will my tektro Auriga E-sub brake cut offs work with the bafang BBSHD motor?

    Hello all i have a sondors XS with 750 watt bafang hub motor and want to convert it to a 1000 watt bafang mid-drive. my question is since sondors put these (XS) out with the bafang motor and matched the brake cut offs to the tektro Auriga E-sub, would i simply be able to plug and play on the...
  14. T

    What about the FM G060.500.D 08 front hub 500W Bafang Motor?

    Dear colleagues, I just bought a Chinese e-trike. It was just delivered to my address. It came with the FM G060.500.D 08 front hub 500W Bafang Motor. But it was impossible to get its Specifications on Bafang Official Page no matter how hard I tried. I would like to ask for help from this...
  15. 6

    Bafang bb02

    I have seen folks put bafang mid motor on DH, enduro, mtb bikes, is bafang suitable for this kind of riding, jumps, roots, rocks ? Thx for answers
  16. Ivanoebike46

    Error 30h on Bafang Mid Drive

    Hello everyone!I am new on this forum...I got error 30h on my mid drive bafang..i tryed already to plug out and unplug in all connectors and plug them again included inside the controller...could you address me how can fix it please?
  17. Ivanoebike46

    Controller bafang 48v 750w

    Hello to everyone! Anybody know the difference between controller c571-14-512 e c571-30-512?
  18. S

    Bafang 48v controller failure

    First ever ebike just given to me. Gravity bullseye 750W bike from my uncle that he said he fried the controller on 3 or 4 years ago and all the shops told him the bike is a throw away now, so he bought another bike and just sat on this one. He overheated the controller and the bike never...
  19. campsmith

    Hello , I just joined I need help down loading bafang programming

    I can not figure out how to down load software for programing my bafang controller could you help me please ?
  20. G

    Help identifying bafang motor version

    Hello friends, I'm new here! I recently bought a 750W bafang mid drive and have some questions regarding its reliability and version, cause I have read so many things about bafang motors, specially about how fragile its controller is. Please take a look at the pics below (the serial number in...