1. D

    Himiway Cobra Power Upgrade - Bafang G062?

    Hi all, I bought a Himiway Cobra with the 750-watt rear drive motor. I'd really like more power both low end torque and in the top speed arena. Is my best option to upgrade my hub motor to the Bafang 1000 watt G062 motor or is there a better way to tackle this? Thankd!
  2. HillAversion

    Bafang Motor Came Loose

    I put my Bafang kit together in October. I took my time and was careful. The bike has been great. The last couple times I rode the bike (on a very bumpy dirt trail) I noticed some chain noise in a couple gears. Yesterday I put the bike on the stand to do some derailleur adjustment. When I...
  3. M

    Bafang Ultra M620 CANBUS

    I bought 2 to build 2 bikes, plans changed now I have one for sale. Only what is pictured. This Motor is like new with very very little time in use. I have it listed on FB market place. If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you!
  4. J

    Bafang BBS02 inaccurate battery capacity detection

    Hello, after spending a long time researching I recently decided to purchase and install a Bafang 750W BBS02 kit which I paired with a 48V 17AH battery and L200 Bluetooth display Almost everything is working great except the unit seems to be very inaccurate when it comes to detecting how much...
  5. M

    Bafang light kit options

    I want to add a rear tail light to my bafang mid drive kit. I like the idea of having the light run off my existing battery. My question is , can I install the rear light only to run off the display or is the thumb pad needed to control the light. Really don’t need a horn or even the turn...
  6. S

    Battery blinks 3 times. Manufacturer unknown, probably samsung.

    Hello, I have a TWS ebike (Swedish made and doesn't seem to have a website). The ebike system is Bafang and battery is unknown. Maybe samsung made. The issue is that ocasionally battery stops charging (charger doesn't react to it) and blinks 3 red lights when checking the charge. Ebike is not...
  7. R

    Motor vs Battery Compatibility ... general question

    Just installed a new Bafang 48v/750watt mid drive kit. Hoped to use a newer 48v TransXPST battery from a Raleigh using its black/red leads to connect to the Bafang black/red motor leads. The display lights for 5 seconds then shuts down. Battery checks at 52.9v for a few seconds then drops to...
  8. E

    Torn speed sensor cable from bafang 750 mid drive motor

    Hi there, My first ebike build and man does it show. I somehow tore the speed sensor wire from the bottom of the motor. Has anybody dealt with this? I think I have to open the motor up and resolder the connections. Not how I was hoping to start off.
  9. W

    Bafang tear hub motor

    Hi does anybody know how to derestrict a Bafang rear hub motor. I can’t change it on the display as it’s been took off by the supplier. Can you get a tuning cable to put in to the computer and change it. 9 pin plug
  10. N

    500 watt sutto bafang motor with VCSV126-017-48T

    I recently had this install on my bike. The place I purchased from on Amazon if really of no use to resolve it :( 500 watt sutto bafang motor with C-WKD4818A-LS-T-1 controller and DPC 18 display. I am having an issue with the PAS systems. On PAS 3 - PAS 1 and 2 did nothing , did not work...
  11. Bafang3800

    Bafang 1000w BBSHD Mid Drive Motor (Shell )

    Need to know : Is there a a difference between the , " 52v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " and the, " 48v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " ? Not the controller just the motor SHELL. Thanks to anyone that has had a issue with the motor Shells being...
  12. Bafang3800

    Bafang 48v and 52v 1000w casing the same

    Has anyone came across this issue after ordering a bafang motor kit from a company, New message from: Robert Welchko The 52V1000W motor shell may be marked with 48V1000W. The judgment criterion is to see the controller's production number 506 (Picture attached), and that charging with a...
  13. mario sweet jesus

    bafang M400 programming

    hi i have seen that you can program BBSHD motor and some other bafang motors i cant seem to find any info if its possible to do this on the M400 motor my bike is this cargo bike here i want to increase...
  14. A

    Problem with Bafang mid drive motor

    Hi I am new to this thread as well as ebikes and need some help please. I am trying to build a plywood e-bike. I have bought a Bafang M400 mid drive motor and from a separate company a battery, display, and cables. I have connected everything up (battery, speed sensor, display). It is a very...
  15. E

    Expand Bafang Config Tool Window

    I have an issue with my BBS02B and 500C screen. It was working perfectly fine in the fall when I put it away. Now I charged up the battery, plugged it in, and my 500C won't turn on. There seems to be power, I can charge my phone from the battery and the little red led light on the usb...
  16. B

    Bafang M620/ G510 torque problem

    I’m new to this forum and here because of a Bafang mid drive problem. I bought three bikes from a distributor in China a year ago. The bikes were identical other than frame size. Two bikes work fine, but the third was a problem from the get-go. It arrived with a broken brake cut-off cable...
  17. 2

    NEW EBIKE - Giant Anthem 4.0 with BBSHD

    just built a ebike bbshd with a ASI bac 855 controller on a GIANT ANTHEM 4.0 goes really well FROM COLCHESTER UK
  18. A

    Bafang M600 unresponsive after broken display cable

    Hi everyone! I have an issue with my stock 48V M600 CAN protocol motor after I crashed and the display cable got severed. The cable severed in such a way the individual cores got shorted on each other. (See photo). I have now replaced the cable for a new one and have reconnected everything...
  19. V

    Retrofit Bafang motor help - cargo bike not working

    Hi, long post alert...hope someone can give me some advice. Does anyone have experience with retrofitted Bafang motors? We have a Bicicapace longtail cargo bike which we bought second hand. The previous owner had fitted the Bafang motor themselves about 3 years ago - we bough it 1.5 years ago...
  20. I

    My daily commuter finally stolen, so here i am

    Hi All. Thanks for having me. I purchased a 2018 Trek Marlin 7 with a BBSHD and a large battery, rear mount and fenders, almost 5 years ago, and it was stolen in Philly last Thursday. I am so sad. I feel like a cowboy might feel after losing their beloved horse. I am gutted. To make it even more...