Rad City 5 Issue


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Oct 28, 2023
New York
I have a Rad City 5 plus The battery is fully charged yet the battery display on the PAS is missing one of the battery lines.
I’ve disconnected the battery and all of the wires and it is still missing. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks
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Ride in Peace - please understand in the eBike Space - handlebar control Displays only show "approximated battery level" based on battery voltage

"Missing 1 battery bar after full charge" is not necessarily a defect or misconnection - "most" would consider "normal".

If you have LED battery level indicators on the battery case - again same thing "shows approximated" battery level as well.

For those owners into "voltage/battery level" a separate Digital Voltage Display connected directly to the battery cradle is the "most accurate reading".

So you know for BEST Battery Life - (1) After a ride - wait 1hr-2hrs after a ride to let the inside battery cells to cool down- charge only after coold won to reduce heat degradation of your eBike battery (2) try to normally Charge Up To 80% -unless you need a full 100% charge for your next ride (3) Always disconnect charger from your bike after you complete your charge cycle (4) for Winter store your battery (with or without bike) inside (5) while your battery or bike is stored - max charge for storage is that 80% - regularly check your battery every 2-3 weeks and recharge when it hits 20%-25% charge back up to 80%
The bar that’s missing is in the middle of the graph bar. Not the top, which I think would indicate the battery is discharging
The only shot you have is RadPower Customer Service - email your Order# - your frame Serial# - and a clearer Jpg and request a replacement display. If its a bad indicator segment in the display - thenthe warranty replacement display will take care of it. If a warranty replacement display has same issue - remember your issue is a Battery Indicator Segment Only - live with it.