Time to replace batteries?


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Mar 10, 2024
Cleveland, Oh
Me and my wife bought 2 different bikes from the same company over ALI express. They had a US warehouse. The name is Paselec https://paselec-ebike.com/. Mine I ordered a g9 but they sent me a gs9 yuppie upgraded brakes and motor. My wife is PC1 bigger battery, smaller, and a geared motor compared to mine but step thru.
We bought them April of 2020. This last fall we started to have Voltage Sag randomly that at times cut off the battery completely but left the display on. Many times when we start from stopping at a red light. Sometimes on hills and randomly when we are cruising.
I keep the battery chargers on a wifi smart switch so I can make sure we didn't leave the bike fully charge and would charge before we use them. At the time hers had about 3,000 miles and mine had 4,000 I commute to work in the warmer weather. I thought maybe they are just out of balance so we rode them until fully depleted then did a full charge. The next day they seem better but after about 5 miles on PAS 1 the symptoms returns. After we were done riding for the season I charged them to 48.5v and store them in the house for December- February. Now the weather is better we try again now we get voltage sag after 2 miles on PAS 1. I still can do 25 mile bike ride with the motor cutting on and off with the end of the ride battery siting at 47.2v

Should it do a few more complete drain and charge cycles or are these batteries toast? Or am I wrong thinking it is the battery and it is really the motor, controller, BMS, or something else?
I have a Paselec. VX2. Hoping you can resolve.

I wish I knew more about the electronics. Last year, Chris Crossed did an interview with this guy/business:

There is a YouTube video on it. Seemed Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Maybe he can help analyze.
Replacing batteries on time is important for maintaining the performance of your devices. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge, which can lead to reduced efficiency or even device failure. If your device is showing signs of battery issues, it might be time to replace them.

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The batteries are four years old now. It sounds like you use the bikes about nine months of the year. Do you charge them after every ride or only when the voltage drops below a certain threshold? Are they brand name batteries?