2 year mark


Local time
9:38 AM
Apr 24, 2022
It's been 2 years since I started my ebike journey. Very glad I did.

Bought my first bike 2 years ago at this time. First bike was a Paselec. Pretty much a Lectric 2.0 clone. Lost unnecessary time worrying about parts - after discovering they would not be available. Fast forward ahead a couple of years - and some are now available.

Second bike last year was for my wife. We took a safe route with a Lectric 3.0. Great bike.

Both bikes have the same electric system and can swap batteries. We are both running extended range Lectric batteries at this point.

Maybe we are lucky so far, but the bikes have done well - and they have been used.

We just came back from a short ride - short because it is still a bit cold. But we are psyched for this season - with bikes ready to go, and now, a double rack to cart them to trails.

Enjoy the journey.
I'm coming up on a year of eBiking. I really got hooked; I've got 4 in the garage now. Two more have been and gone. (one crashed too many times by my stepdaughter and given away in the garbage and one sold to finance another one)

I got strong enough riding the eBikes that I got back into mBikes too.
I'm really glad we got into it. We love it. Almost didn't think I was going to talk my wife into it. Took a year. :) But she loves it now.
Coming up on one year for mine. Loving the KBO Breeze. It's been the ideal bike for me.
I bought my first one (Rad Mini 4) in April 2020 (at the start of the pandemic), rode that thing all over the empty streets night and day, it was eerie and fun at the same time. I remember going down a busy street at 6:00 AM and would see maybe one car every few miles, store/church lots were empty. Good thing is the e bikes got me back into bicycling and mountain biking, which resulted in great health benefits, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels all improved, so no BP meds or statins and I'm in my 60's.
Happy Birthday!!!

Going on two years for me as well.....I have a Lectric XP2.0 and love it. Has been very reliable.....I ride for some exercise almost everynight if weather permits. Glad you and you wife are enjoying.....safe travels to you both.