How much is battery range affected by rider weight?

DoofusOfThe Day

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Mar 18, 2024
My wife and I just bought Aventon Level 2 step throughs and went on our initial ride, about 12 miles, an hour ride stopped a couple times. We both started out at 100% battery charge, she was at 94% at end of ride, I was at 70%. I do have the slightly larger frame she has the smaller frame, so am thinking the difference in battery usage must be due to rider weight mostly. I tend to go about 6th gear she likes 4th gear. So am I right, rider weight difference of about 50 pounds makes that much difference in battery usage?
She is taking advantage of the gearing and getting more torque to the rear wheel. That could very well be why she is using less battery.
Are you both at the same PAS level?
You can often cancel out a lot of that "extra weight cost" by switching to tires which are 30 percent more pressure. I saw a measurable difference between having tires inflated at 15 PSI versus 25 PSI.