Tires & Tubes What a difference a few pounds of pressure makes!


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Oct 22, 2023
Southern Arizona
I had been running my fatwheel 26" tires at about 5 pounds (unknown to me). I picked up a new battery powered compressor and decided to "top off" the tires on the bike (this is when I learned I had been riding at 5 PSI pressure).

I bumped it up to 11.5 PSI, and it made a huge difference in the cornering and handling of the bike. The bike is dual suspension, and the ride still quite good, even at 11.5 PSI. The tires are quieter as well. Rolling resistance was reduced as well. My downhill coasting speeds are now higher than before.

I have decided to stop paying the soft and squishy tax. Now I am wondering how much more change would be gained by switching to street-tires inflated to 20 PSI. This bike is not taken off-road.
On my 20x4 fat tires, which are a knobby tire, I like to run mine at 15psi on the paved roads. When going offroad I will lower the tire pressure to 10psi.

Yes them tires of mine really rob mileage when at 10 psi versus 15psi.
I've been at 20 - 30 psi with these for a year,

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I finally grew tired of the "Knobby Growl" and replaced the original tires with higher pressure Innova Hybrid tires.
These tires are much grippier and quieter on the street. Their tread is slightly more aggressive than the
Sunlight Baja tires, but still very quiet. They are being ran at 25 PSI right now. I really like how the bike coasts
now. I haven't done a "battery milage test", but I suspect the bike will go further on a charge than before.