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  1. T

    Rad City 5 Issue

    I have a Rad City 5 plus The battery is fully charged yet the battery display on the PAS is missing one of the battery lines. I’ve disconnected the battery and all of the wires and it is still missing. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks
  2. P

    18650 Battery Build for Rad Power Radrunner 2

    A friend just posted his battery build... he upgraded a Radrunner 2 from a 48V 14amp -> 52V 25amp. He outlines the theory of chaining batteries, gets into using a battery welder, then adds the BMS, connections and heat shrinks it up. He said it should give the bike about twice the range, and...
  3. A

    Recommendation purchase RadRhino6 (step through) and selling RadRhino1 (July 2018)

    Hello all. I live in France (sear Switzerland) and have a RadRhino1 (from July 2018) -- not used that much and am happy with it. I am, considering purchasing a new RadRhino6 (step through). reading various posts indicates that the RadCity 5 had a several issues, especially with brakes. Also a...
  4. L

    Radrunner Plus advice - how to adjust brake lever/handle for small hands

    Hi everyone, The brake lever on the Radrunner Plus is too far away from the handles for my grip. So I feel nervous riding the ebike as I cannot brake confidently. There are no screws on the lever to adjust. Does anyone have a solution? Otherwise the bike is great for my 5'1" frame.
  5. sandman

    Rad Rover 6 Plus Battery Charging Fuse Alert

    I know some have blown the charging fuse on their semi-integrated battery by accidentally sticking their key in the charge port. But I found out the hard way it is also possible to stick the charger's barrel connector in at an angle shorting the center pin to the barrel and blowing the fuse...
  6. Andrewrodgers310

    RadRover 6+

    Hello! I bought a RadRover 6+ about a month ago and I love it! I joined this forum to try to find a good toddler seat for my 3-year-old son. I see that people use the Thule Yepp Maxi but the max weight limit is 40 pounds and my son is already 40 pounds. Has anyone put a child seat on their...
  7. B

    Rad Power Bikes

    Has anyone had trouble getting parts or information about parts from RadPower bikes?
  8. S

    RadRover 6+ for sale

    1 year old Ebike by Rad Power Bikes, RadRover 6 + for sale. $900.00 or best offer. I am selling all accessories with this bike, Mirror, rear rack plus rack bag with a small assortment of bike tools. I have recently put on new tires, and brake pads. I am moving and can't take it with me. It's a...
  9. W

    Rad Rover 5 lighting issue

    I just picked up a low mileage(17miles) Radrover 5 that I can’t get the headlight or taillight to come on with the controller. The brake light and the manual flashing option works. I haven’t looked into the harness yet but thought I check here for pointers. Thanks
  10. RidenRad

    Did the 2018 Rad Rover have tubes or tubeless tires?

    It is the tire that was just before the white pinstripe tires that came stock. Thanks The reason for the question is I want to use FlatOut Tire Sealant Sportsman Formula and I don't believe you can with tires containing tubes. The pic is of the actual bike.
  11. C

    Front fork spring, front fork upgrade, and other upgrades for RadCity 5+?

    Now that my warranty is over (extended warranty didn't exist when I bought my bike obviously). So looking at potential upgrades. Is anyone aware of a heavier front fork spring or upgraded air fork I could throw in there since the stock spring is so light? drivetrain upgrade? Best dual battery...
  12. murbot

    30TPI 20 x 4 for Rad Mini 4?

    Hi, Any suggestions for a 30 tpi or less road/trail tire for a Rad Mini 4? Will probably install my Tannus foam thing and this may be only the rear. I've had the 35a controller since last spring and a 750w motor arriving next week. I've currently got two 500 motors in 2 rear wheels that I...
  13. C

    Upgraded controller have different connectors - Rad Expand 5

    I just purchased a KT Controller 30A and I realize that the connector for the battery will be a XT60 (I asked the seller to change from anderson to XT60). I have a Radexpand 5 and upon research, it looks like the the OEM battery has a RAD Female that connects to the RAD male to work (RAD...
  14. C

    RadRover with no hub power and won't go backwards when pushed.

    Hi all! My 2018 RadRover Electric Fat Bike turns on (display and light), but the motor supplies no power to the rear wheel either in pedal assist or through the throttle (the battery is fine). And when I try pushing the Rad backward, it's like the rear hub is locked. But I can pedal the bike...
  15. jstewar9

    Rad City Won’t Power On

    Hey folks - I have a Rad City that no longer powers on. Here’s what I’ve tried so far: * went through all RadPower troubleshooting guides/videos to check wires - found no issues * bought a replacement controller - also doesn’t power on * borrowed a friend’s battery - also did not power on So I...
  16. T

    RadRover 6 plus chain upgrade

    Howdy from Port A / SoTex. I have a new RR 6 Plus ST & I need to upgrade the chain. I only ride at the beach ... and sand, rust & corrosion ... is killing the stock chain. RR support says the replacement specs are 1/2"x 3/32". Does anyone have suggestions on high-quality chain brands I...
  17. B

    Rad Runner 2 - Solar panel on trailer for charging?

    Hi, New to ebiking. I've had my bike for one week now. I have a rad runner 2. I want to add a solar panel to a trailer I'm going to build for the bike, to keep the battery charged while on long trips (750 watt motor, 48 volt battery) What kind of controller do I need and how do you hook it...
  18. brr0364

    For Sale Rad 6 Step thru

    I purchased a white Rad 6 Step Thru last year. It is too much bike for this 74 year old. I have only ridden it for less than 100 miles. I purchased a new wider seat and rear view mirror. I also had a made to order bike rack made for it. I would like $2000 for all of it.
  19. D

    Radrover parts

    New owner of a used Radrover 5. Does anyone know of a place to get replacement fenders ?
  20. "A"

    RadPower eTrike

    $2499.. is a bit more than I'd like to spend on a e-trike. I like the short wheelbase, looks to make it really nimble and able to make tight turns. https://electrek.co/2023/01/11/radtrike-review-testing-rad-power-bikes-electric-trike/