Priority Current walk mode just pretends


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Mar 15, 2023
Sarasota County, Florida
I can get walk mode indicated on the screen by holding the minus button. So far so good. The bike doesn't move, I'm not walking, but the speed reads 1.5mph. I can pick up the back of the bike, engage walk mode, and the wheel won't even turn. Let go of minus button and the speed readout drops to 0. I visited the local Priority recommended bike shop, and although they were very nice and helpful with some other issues, on this one they just said "huh, that's weird."

So does walk mode on this model work for any of you? If so did you have to do anything to make it work? It would be super nice when I have to walk over a bridge with full panniers and a trailer.
I own a Current, but I've never tried the walk assist mode.

This video on Youtube from Priority mentions the walk assist at 1 min 6 seconds in. However, it's brief and I think you are describing above what is necessary.

I would contact Priority Support. I usually text them at 917-819-1665‬. You can even send a link to this forum post. That would help them.
I finally had an actual need for the walk mode on my KBO Breeze today. The only other time I've tried it was in my living room when I first got the bike. Resulted in an unpleasant surprise! Anyhow, today I took a small detour off the paved path at a local park to get to the edge of the river. It was kind of a steep rocky path that I walked the bike down. No need for walk mode on the way down, just both brakes! After spending a little time at rivers edge I started back up the path and decided a little help might be a good thing. Sure enough, holding down the minus button and the bike pretty much walked itself up the path with me steering. Nice feature when you need it.
Actully I have to use it almost every time, even in the final 40 m to reach my home... Lucky you that have some flat trails around... :cautious:
The answer I got from Priority on this was that I have a bike that was built during a window when they were shipping with a newer display that shows walk mode, but a slightly older motor that does not have that mode.
So are they shipping you a new motor? I replaced mine myself because of a slipping clutch. You need bike tools and process is a lot longer than what they show in the video. That video was likely shot after about 20 swaps till he made it look easy!