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Jan 9, 2024
Hi friends!

I have been riding e-bikes for many years. But I'm newbie to installation and now I need your help with some modifications to an urban bike with a 36v 350w rear hub motor (CZBJ Brand).

I want to install a new controller, this time with a display. The brakes already have sensor, the PAS sensor, and a head light are already installed on the bike. It has a button that turns on turbo assistance. I didn't adapt to the system without a display, so I want to install one.


1) I conclude that if I buy a controller that respects 350w and 36v with a maximum current of 13 A, it is possible to replace the one that already exists. Am I right?

2) In the original there are three assistance modes: low, normal and high. The controller (for example the S866) has 5 modes. Can this be compatible?

3) How much does the controller affect the autonomy of the trip, or does it have more to do with the battery x motor? Thinking about the equivalence of controllers, can the type of controller impact the bike's range in km?

That's it, for now, thanks!


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As long as things hook up the same, it will work.
You'll need to be able to trace down wires and find out what they do, if things do not match up correctly so they
everything will work as intended.

The 5 modes will give you a smoother feel as far as taking off, in my opinion.

The S866 is your display and the silver box with the wires is your controller.

I hope this helps you.

Welcome to our little home :cool: