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Dec 10, 2023
Bought an etrike with a 90 day return, it broke down 1st time ride. Code 9, had to install a controller. Took 3 weeks to get a new controller from dealer. After installing a new controller , I rode it 6 miles , it broke down again , code 9 again and motor stop working.
Been trying to return the bike for better than 45 days. Custom service is hardly ever any service .

Now it’s going to cost 500+$, to return the trike.
What a ripoff, boy did I get stiffed.

Any help would be appreciated. Mike
You mentioned getting replacement parts from a dealer, have you contacted that dealer for assiatance in returning the bike. Is the cost associated with the return shipping to China? Was the bike shipped to you from China or some other location?
Bike was bought from a dealer in Tn, USA shipped from Tn to Oklahoma to me. Free Shipping I’m dealing with a dealer in Tn. On returning the bike.

The dealer in Tn. Is who I’m having all the problems with.

Price to return the bike from Oklahoma to Tn is 545$ from a USA freight company. ( no Chinese)
Of course it's Package Dimension (H+W+D) & Weight - a Trike can be hefty

1. what Carrier did that Dealer use to ship the bike to you ? That Dealer will have a Special Rate with that Carrier - that Dealer can get the same rate/charge for the Return - find out what $$ that would be.

2. Get a quote from for shipping