Wired Freedom showed up Tuesday.


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Mar 10, 2024
Chesterton, In.
Hi, I am new to the forum and bought the Wired Freedom for my first Ebike. I ordered it on March the third which was a Saturday, and it was delivered to my door, three days later on Tuesday morning. Really fast service. I don't live too far away from where they ship them from but still, very good service. I made a mistake filling out the shipping address, the dam auto-complete filed out my sister's house in Pa. I caught it and emailed them right away and within a few minutes I got a reply, and the problem was corrected. It came well packed with no damage.
The bike went together easy, but the weather has really been cold here in NW Indiana. I bought most of the stuff I want to put on the bike already and took it for a couple of short rides. First impression, it is a really tall bike, I am 6'1 and I can just put my feet flat on the ground with the seat all the way down. My last bike was an old DeFelice recumbent which I sold last year but haven't ridden for many a moon.
Tomorrow looks like the first nice day so I plan on a longer ride tomorrow.
I think you bought well, but remember when you're having fun that 35 mph is pretty fast if you fall down. At least you won't have to worry about getting mowed down from behind because you can't get out of the way fast enough.
biknut makes a good point: If you're going to be going 35 mph, you should invest in a helmet that is rated for that speed, i.e. a motorcycle helmet.

I believe I read somewhere that bike helmets are designed to protect against 15 mph impacts.

eBikes commonly go 20-28 mph and some of us think a helmet with a chin bar is a good idea at these speeds, for example on downhill mountain bike helmets.

Getting over 30 mph is in motorcycle territory.

You might also consider other safety gear at that point, for example sturdier gloves, over-the-ankle boots, jacket, pants, etc. I've crashed motorcycles a few times and those things really do come into play. I was happy to have a chin bar on my full face motorcycle helmet; it saved me jaw surgery twice.

One time I was out riding my scooter at night and a deer appeared in front me me when I was going 45 or 50. I locked up the brakes and crashed, tumbling down the road at that speed. I was wearing deerskin work gloves, a fleece sweatshirt, full face helmet, shorts and Crocs. The fleece did a remarkable job protecting me; it didn't even burn through. The helmet did its job, as did the gloves. My legs and feet though were in bad shape. I ground my ankle down to the bone on one side and scraped a lot of skin off of one calf and knee. (but it was 90°, so I didn't want to wear pants and boots!)