1. M

    Hesitate between Wallke H7 awd and Wired Cruiser

    As I live in the city of Vestavia HILLS, climbing ability is all-important. Any recommendations anyone?
  2. G

    2024.5 wired freedom chain skips when pedaling over a bump

    my 2024.5 wired freedom the chain jumps or skips when pedaling over a bump or bumpy turain.any ideas how to fix?do i need to get one of those clutch derailers?or is the chain to long bobling on the sprockets.its deffinently happening in the the rear
  3. M

    Serious problem with my Wired Freedom 2024 this morning

    This morning started off crazy for me, but here’s the story. This is for awareness and I’m also hoping that someone will share if they’ve ever heard of this happening before. So some back story for full transparency first. I ordered my 2024 Wired Freedom and received it during the winter months...
  4. BillyLhx

    Picture of my Bike before ordering the Wired Freedom.

    Here is a Picture of my former Bike before ordering the 2024 Wired Freedom.
  5. M

    2024 wired freedom

    just ordered the 2024 freed step over.geez i dont know if i can wait till mid to late june to receive it thank goodness i have a lectric 3.0
  6. Padroo

    Wired Freedom showed up Tuesday.

    Hi, I am new to the forum and bought the Wired Freedom for my first Ebike. I ordered it on March the third which was a Saturday, and it was delivered to my door, three days later on Tuesday morning. Really fast service. I don't live too far away from where they ship them from but still, very...
  7. Redundancy

    Tips & Guides Wired Freedom 2024 headlight mount fix

    With the edition of spider washers in these locations the front headlight and fender are no longer a floppity mess. and they sure were. You could tighten as much as you wanted but the smooth on smooth metal plus any bumps would just bounce the headlight around. I wanted to post this somewhere...
  8. T

    New Wired Freedom bikes for my wife and myself .

    My wife and I just purchased two Wired Freedom bikes for our retirement. Hello to all From South Florida!
  9. J

    Wired Freedom thumb throttle

    I just got my Wired Freedom and want to swap the twist throttle to the thumb style. Is there a unit available that is plug and play or do I need to cut and solder wiring? I can do so, but am not really interested in cutting up the stock throttle in case I want to switch back.
  10. S

    Wired Freedom Bike V2?

    HI Everyone, I put by bike together yesterday 8/26/2023 and noticed the rear rack was different. It no longer has the two small curved bars that attaches somewhere under the seat. I also think the rear part of the frame is a bit longer, because there's a bigger gap between the wheel and the...
  11. drumsarecool

    Freedom EBIKE

    Hello ALL has anyone Ordered a WIRED Freedom Ebike For Mid-August 2023 delivery?? And have you received it yet?? www,wiredebikes,com Thanks Mike Cocoa FL
  12. biknut

    This is how I wired my lights

    Battery is 72 volt, and dc/dc converter is 72 to 12 volt. Only showing 1 light, but headlight, and taillight light are parallel.
  13. M

    Feel the power 1000Watts - Wired ebikes

    Stumbled across something new last month. Wicked ebikes, which changed their name to wired. Has these cruisers out there for us old riders, that have some power. This thing has a 60v battery and a 1000w (2kw peak) motor with metal gears. Can be set up for class 3 , if you want to get the...
  14. Naku

    Wicked Thumb/Revi

    Attempting to get an ebike brand listed on the main forum page per the instructions. I've combined The Wicked Thumb and Revi brands since the Cafe Racers offered by the two are fundamentally identical, with a variety of trim differences available. It would be great to get the Wicked Thumb and...