What’s the programming Ecotric folding 20 in fat tire sw900 lcd Settings


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Mar 7, 2024
Ecotric folding 20 in fat tire sw900 lcd settings
If you could let me know what you have in your settings that would be awesome
Ecotric customer service was very unhelpful
Screen cracked and bought a new one
Guy from ecotric asked if I bought it from them (but they don’t sell that model) but made sure to tell me he could not guarantee it would fix my problem and they don’t give out programming info “company policy “
There are 2 or 3 setting that keep my screen from connecting to the controller
I don’t have trip or speed on my bike due to this
If you press the up and down arrows it will take your bike into settings
Please somebody help a ebiker out
I found this SW900 manual useful:SW900 Manual
However, it seems there are diferent versions of the SW900. The one I got with an e-bike kit has some differences with the manual, for example the manual states PAS levels as 3 or 5 but my version has 9 levels,