Hello Ebikers...from Cornwall Ontario - Rize BoltX 750 folding fat tire


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Nov 21, 2021
My wife and I logged over 5000 kms each in 2 years. Our third brand of ebike is a Rize BoltX 750 folding fat tire bike. Thin tires on other bikes caused spills and damage.

Fat tires are way more safer and comfortable. The step though folding aspect makes them so handy! We toss them in back of our SUV and can take them anywhere, safe and secure inside SUV, away from rain and snow. They are more powerful than most ebikes, and take off from standstill aggressively. With torque, accidents can happen !

But Rize bikes can be easily programmed to crawl from a start, or rapidly. We've gone on some long bike trips like Mont Tremblanc on an old railway line that went 200 kms. Our favorite trail is Ottawa!! 6 bars and 3 beaches along the river in 35 kms. Most scenic trail ever....and those bars come on handy:) Our latest addition to cycling is the SENA helmets we bought.

Wow, rides are awesome now. No yelling to hear each other, no riding too close for conversation...no more lonely rides. Just speak normally and talk the entire trip. well worth it! If anyone has questions on what type of bike to buy, or what are the best trails in Ontario and Quebec, please ask away!
Welcome! 5000km's is huge. Glad to hear you're having fun!

Have you had any problems or issues with any of your ebikes in that distance?