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    I purchased a charger from this company that did not charge my battery and they refused to help in any way. I was made to jump thru numerous hoops just to get a refund on a $60 charger that didn’t work for my battery for a bike that I spent over $1000 on. No kind of resolution was offered to me...
  2. A

    Ecotric Hammer losing power

    I bought a used Ecotric Hammer that I could not test drive at high speed as it had no brakes. After getting it repaired, it loses power occasionally especially at higher speeds. I can turn off the key on the battery off and back on again, then power up the bike and it restarts. Once it loses...
  3. K

    What’s the programming Ecotric folding 20 in fat tire sw900 lcd Settings

    Ecotric folding 20 in fat tire sw900 lcd settings If you could let me know what you have in your settings that would be awesome Ecotric customer service was very unhelpful Screen cracked and bought a new one Guy from ecotric asked if I bought it from them (but they don’t sell that model) but...
  4. A

    Front suspension upgrade for ecotric tornado?

    Is there a front fork upgrade for the ecotric tornado? The one that comes with the bike has zero adjustability.
  5. A

    Brakes Brake pad replacement options for Ecotric Tornado

    I have the ecotric tornado. the company offers replacement brake pads but does not specify the material. Is there anyway I can determine if another brand of brake pad would be compatible with the brakes on this bike? I would like to have the option of choosing among several different brake pad...
  6. S

    Not all PAS modes working - Dolphin Ecotric

    Dolphin Ecotric folding E bike has only one PAS mode working. It appears to be mode 3. Modes 1-2 and walk assist do nothing. Is it the controller or something else?
  7. A

    Cheapest Full Suspension eMTB Review: 750W Ecotric Tornado $999

    hey guys, full disclosure, Ecotric sent me this bike to do a review, so it did not cost me anything. That said, this bike is currently $999 and with full suspension and a 750w motor, it's kind of a crazy amount of bike for your dollar. I did a full review here: Pros: $999 Full suspension...
  8. elliterate e biker

    Ecotric explorer 26"

    Hello yall.i have a 26" ecotric sportcool ebike.i bought it from an individual.does anyone have the info all the settings are suppose to be set on? I called ecotric tech support and he told me their insurance don't allow them to tell me.i told the jerk I'm not wanting to modify anything.i just...
  9. C

    Ecotric review

    I ordered an Ecotric folding bike for my wife so we can ride together. It took just three days to get here and I have to say, they did an amazing job packing it up. My first impression is that the bike looks very well made...the welds on the frame are first rate and the bike was pretty easy to...
  10. C

    Ecotric folding ebike....

    My wife has decided that since she's retiring and will have more free time, she wants to get a folding ebike. I've had a fat tire BPM for a couple of years so her concerns about how much we would use them have diminished. She set a limit as to how much she was willing to pay. We found a folding...
  11. J

    Ecotric purchase?

    My neighbor is looking for a below 1000$ ebike,I don't have the knowledge some people on this forum do but I recommended the 48volt,500watt fat tire ecotric,anyone have any thoughts,feedback appreciated, Thankyou
  12. C

    Ecotric 48v 500w fat tire going full speed all the time

    Picked up a 36v and a 48v today. The wife's 36v is quiet smooth on how it kicks in and pace the pedal at all speeds, my 48v would just kick in full PAS, changing the PAS mode all does the same except as if I'm gunning the throttle when ever I pedal. Ie: PAS 1 now matter how I pedal I'm always...
  13. C

    Ecotric or Aventon?

    Wife and I are looking at buying a pair of Ebikes, we plan on also attaching a trail gator or something similar to haul our 8 and 9 years old around on light trails etc.. A friend highly recommended us getting an Aventon Pace 500 both he and his wife owns one and are happy with it. We want to...
  14. L

    Ecotric 20" Fat Tire Folding - Where to get 48v replacement battery?

    Hi, I just picked up a 20" fat tire folding Ecotric 48v version but it has a 36v battery in it. Anyone know where to buy a 48v 13ah cheaper than what Ecotric wants for one??? ($399) Anybody else make one that fits it?
  15. E

    Ecotric customer service

    Can anybody ever get through to Ecotric customer service?They brag about selling over 10,000 bikes but all they have is an answering machine. What gives?
  16. P

    PAS on-off switch (Ecotric 20" Fat Tire)

    I recently disconnected the PAS on my Ecotric 20” Fat Tire Foldable bike (36v - 500w). I did this by disconnecting the red, green and black wire at the plug located at the controller. I would like to hook up an on/off switch so that I can control when I want to use the pedal assist. My...
  17. T

    Looking for opinions on Ecotric ebikes

    Hi, I'm new to the Forum, and looking for suggestions on the purchase of a Ebike for recreational use to include main and occasional off road use my budget is a @ $1200, what little research I have done the Ecotric line seems interesting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  18. W

    Ecotric Fat26 and Rocket26 Max tire size?

    I'm looking to run winter studs. Anyone know if these bikes (with the stock 26" wheels) can accomodate anything bigger than the stock 26 x 4" tire? Does the front rigid fork and suspension fork have room? How about the rear dropout?
  19. G

    Mag rims for ecotric seagull

    I want to get mags put on my ecotric seagull 1000watt 48 v and can't get any info online about fitment. Also trying for white or green limits me as well.