Help! How do I find a Compatible LCD screen/controller replacement


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May 8, 2023
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Hi everyone, I’m new here to the forum and I was hoping that someone here be knowledgeable enough to tell me what I need to do. My LCD screen and little operational buttons that live on your handlebars were stolen from my bike. Manufacture of the bike has caused more frustration And anger at times than anything else. They are in China and are not sending me those parts. I still don’t know exactly why because they’ve been very difficult but anyway…

I am in desperate need of finding out how to replace the LCD screen and operational buttons and possibly controller for my bike. I have a 1000W, 48V KARCLE folding bike that I bought from Amazon last September because I have cancer and I can barely walk, and I needed a way to get back-and-forth to my treatment and doctor appointments and not pay for cabs or Uber’s 5-6 times a week. about a month ago I went out to my bike and the LCD screen and little buttons that you press to turn on the bike or program it or stolen from my bike. My question is.:
Q: can I replace my LCD screen and the operational buttons with one that is not from the company that I purchased the bike from and if I can, what factors do I need to be considering or would be knowledgeable about when I do this?

i’m desperate here and we do pretty much anything for this information because the company is pure hell. Thanks everyone. (the picture is of my bike before a ride with my dog just so you can see what kind of bike I have.)


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