Replacing Velotric Go Screen and Throttle


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6:59 AM
Apr 2, 2024
Jersey City NJ
Last week someone stole the screen, throttle and power/PAS button off my bike. I emailed Velotric and was quoted a 4-6 week timeframe to replace the parts. YIKES! I use my bike to get to work and it is super annoying to have to take the PATH and Subway as I wait for the parts to arrive. Been scouring amazon for some off brand replacements but they all say for use with KT controller only. Took it to 3 bike shops and they all said to just wait for the parts from Velotric. Is there a hack? Universal screen or power button set up? HELP!
Hi, I have Velotric Go1. Your display and mode buttons are completely linked to your controller which is in the little trapezoidal box near your pedals. You would have to change that out to match any display. As a matter of fact you might want to check that your controller is still there, just undo the screws. I have been looking a KT controllers simply because I hate not having a completely independent throttle, but of courses that means a compatible display. You really will have to wait unless you want to change everything over to a new brand. Best of luck.