1. T

    For Sale - Priority Current with Enviolo Hub - Save Over $1500

    Priority Current, Charcoal color, in new condition, not ridden, Size M, Enviolo Hub. If there’s a mark on this bike, I can’t find it. This bike is the ultra-rare combination of: Mid-Drive Motor Gates Carbon Drive Belt Internally Geared Hub (Enviolo) Hydraulic Disc Brakes Specs: Battery Frame...
  2. N

    Priority e-bike Current

  3. ronniebellie

    Multi-day trips and sleep

    My wife and I are planning to take a 7-8-day ebike ride across the state of Missouri on the Katy Trail. It's about 222 miles one way. We plan to stay overnight in the small towns along the way in Airbnbs (or hotels if we can't find an Airbnb.) I normally use a CPAP at night and can't really...
  4. T

    Priority Current making high pitched whistle?

    Hi, New to this forum. My wife just bought a Priority Current and less than a week later, received it. After assembling it, I took it for a ride to see how it handles and performs. Right off the bat, I noticed a high pitched whistle coming from the motor. It is not the usual electric motor whine...
  5. dmwill

    Priority Current walk mode just pretends

    I can get walk mode indicated on the screen by holding the minus button. So far so good. The bike doesn't move, I'm not walking, but the speed reads 1.5mph. I can pick up the back of the bike, engage walk mode, and the wheel won't even turn. Let go of minus button and the speed readout drops to...
  6. ronniebellie

    Priority Current: New owner experiences

    Got my new Priority Current on October 12 via the Costco Next program which meant I purchased it via the Priority site but got 20% off plus free shipping as a Costco member, which amounted to about an $800 discount ($700 plus the normal $100 shipping fee). My build was the medium size (charcoal...
  7. ronniebellie

    Priority Current from Costco

    Costco has a new program called Costco Next in which they partner with "trusted suppliers" and give significant discounts to Costco Members. I came across a Priority Current on the Costco site which has the features below. Costco member pricing is $2,599 which is a 20% discount from the $3,299...
  8. R

    Priority Current electric bike?

    I’m looking at the Priority Current electric bike. It seems to have a lot of boxes checked for what I’d like, gates belt drive, enviolo 380 infinite hub, decent range with an add on rack mounted battery for added range, 140 NM torque, torque pedal input, and so on. They seem very responsive to...