MoonCool TK1 electric folding trike


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9:55 AM
Apr 12, 2023
I just saw a MoonCool TK1 folding electric trike on the internet. It looks to be a close copy of the Lectric XP folding electric trike. My brother might get into the market for an electric trike, I thought I would recommend the Lectric XP trike, but he tends to try and one up me on such things. The MoonCool trike is about $300 more then the Lectric XP trike. Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on the MoonCool?
I've got one of Lectric's trikes and very pleased with it. I know them to be stable financially and have sold a bit over 300,000 bikes in the last 4 years. Mooncool's sales are not published. Just be aware that with every every day it seems that some new ebike company starts advertising and seeding their bikes out to the vast mob of "reviewers", most of whom "love the bikes", but who mostly like YouTube views and free bikes. No doubt many ebike companies won't make it. I bought one of Lectric's first ebikes and ended up selling it after 3 years, still working perfectly.
I have been very pleased with my Lectric trike, and it sure appears that the MoonCool TK1 is a very close copy of the Lectric trike. Could it be that it is a Korean or Chinese knock off? I do like the fact it has a front suspension.