Hi From Oz - Bafang m260 problems


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6:31 AM
Feb 1, 2024
Bunbury Western Australia
I have an issue with my bafang m260 mid drive not working. I'd like to be able to diagnose the problem myself and am looking for software to facilitate this. I'm aware of the Besst software and others but my issue is that I'm an avid linux user (Ubuntu) and am looking for software that will work for me. Any ideas, tips or links would be greatly appreciated.
Happy riding everybody
Hi there,

I also use Linux Ubuntu as well, and I can understand your problem with not being able to use certain Windows software on Ubuntu.

What I can recommend is installing a program called "Boxes" available in the Ubuntu Software Centre. You can then install a copy of Windows onto Boxes.

That way you get the stability, security and open source software of Ubuntu, along with access to special programs that only run on Windows. With Boxes, it's virtually 2 clicks and you can open a Windows session right from within Ubuntu.

Boxes also allows you to share any devices connected to Ubuntu within Windows.