Bafang 48v controller failure


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12:59 AM
Dec 15, 2023
carmel, CA
First ever ebike just given to me. Gravity bullseye 750W bike from my uncle that he said he fried the controller on 3 or 4 years ago and all the shops told him the bike is a throw away now, so he bought another bike and just sat on this one.
He overheated the controller and the bike never worked again. Problem is when I try to source replacement controllers everything has different wiring harness. seems like they changed when they updated to a 2nd gen (or 3rd etc). The one I have has a 5 pin PAS and all the new ones I can find have a 5 pin PAS.

controller info:
BAFANG controller for brushless motor
rated voltage:48V
maximum current:25+/-1A
low voltage protection:41.5+/-1V
software number:CRS1074825E102214.1
Drawing No.:0000050212
production time:1901260158

Gravity bullseye monster xe electric
bafang brushless rear hub 750watt
SMART lithium ion 557WH

does anyone know where I can source an original controller, or can they be rebuilt????
if not is it worth rebuilding with new components controller/hub motor/etc from a newer model??

You can find controller's on AliExpress.If you can't find the same one you could cut off factory connections and solder them to the new controller.