What controllers are these?


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Feb 5, 2023
I have picked up a 48V ebike with a Bafang 500W hub motor. It has a controller built into the battery attachment and it also has a spare controller that apparently has different settings. I'm trying to figure out what I'm dealing with and was wondering who is the source of these controllers? I'm interested in possibly sourcing another but with different specs to suit my riding style.


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I just goggled "ebike battery holder with integrated controller" and got a stack of similar results to those in your pictures. It's just a matter of working through these results to find what looks like yours.

And for what it worth, can't say this type of design really grabs me. It seems to have a lump of heat sink on the bottom, but if it bolts up to a painted frame can't see the heat sink can transfer much heat to the frame. And as its out of the airflow, the heat sink isn't going to do a lot on its own. My experience is that enclosed controllers are the 'weakest link in the chain'. They overheat when put to the test on a decent long hill, and will automatically shut down. They need to be in good airflow to keep them as cool as possible.
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