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Sep 23, 2023
Bafang Motor Reprogramming Help

Hi All,

I'm having a problem with the a bafang motor I just purchased. I recently bought a new recumbent trike and equipped it with a 750w BBS02. I find the settings out of the box to be fairly unusable. As i like to bike tour I tend to make settings that draw low amps in order to preserve battery and go further.

I reprogrammed using the bafang config tool. The settings are something like this:

Low Battery Protection: 41

Current Limit: 18

Level 0: 0

Level 1: 10

Level 2: 20

Level 3: 30 etc...

All speed limits are set to 100%.

So, with this programming I would expect to see the controller draw the above percentages of the current limit....1.8 amps in the level 1, 3,6 in the first level, 5.4 in the 3rd level, etc. with the controller rounding up or down to the nearest .5 (it doesn' t display decimals unless they are .5)

The problem I'm having is that the controller doesn't want to seem to draw those amperages. It draws between 0 and 0.5 in 1. 1-1.5 in 2. around 2 amps in 3....

I ran this same programming on my old bike with the same model of motor and custom programming. I loved the 3rd setting. it was my go to setting. Now I have to crank it all the way up to 6 to get the same power.

Whats up with this? Could something like "keep current" be causing this? My new bike is heavier with bigger wheels, tires, and gearing. Could that be having an effect? Should I reset the settings and try again? Any help would be MUCH appreciated.