Controller reprograming or replacement


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1:41 PM
Sep 20, 2023
Alberta, Canada
Last year I purchased a fat tire ebike from Amazon and although I like the bike (hardware, 21 gears, motor torque, etc) the controller they
paired with a M5 display really sucks since has very limited user setup and some functions of the M5 display are not existent, anyway I already
tried to hack it with a programming cable and laptop and although it communicates with the controller via the display cable I'm not able to change
anything (apparently you can do it only with mid drive motors not rear hubs...) anyway I want to change the controller for a more "friendly" type but
the main Julet cable going to the handlebar has 9 pins instead of the standard IT4 8 pins since it also feeds a front light plus a horn...

The bike brand its from China sold by Amazon "KEQJSK" I already tried the vendor plus the manufacturer to no avail they aren't of any help via email,
anyone have any idea if there is a 22+Amps controller to feed a 1000watts motor that comes with Julet connectors or at least compatible with the M5
display and with a 9 pin output to the handlebars, my other Ebike has a LCD3 display and a KT controller and it's a dream to program and customize to
your needs, this one is a real dud... Thanks Adrian