Bafang M200 CANBUS programming - Flash / adjust PAS??


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Oct 10, 2023
Hello everyone

My project started with a wish of a small adjustment. At least I thought so! o_O
I bought a new e-bike with a middrive Bafang M200. I did some research and bought the BESST tool as my bike has CANBUS.
The seller provide login which works to both Besst and Besst Pro software. I was able to raise speed limit to 50 km/h - so far so good.
When using the old Besst software and clicking the "Controller" tab the parameter section briefly appears and then disappears again after half a second.
By using the Besst Pro newest version the PAS level 1-5 is visible on the screen, though all at zero, so I guess no data has been read.

I have been looking in all forums and it seems like there are different opinions. Some say this M200 is impossible to change PAS levels on and other have many other suggestions such as torque sensor manipulator or flashing the motor.
Does anyone know if there has been made a flash for this M200 which allows me to adjust PAS levels?
It started out as a small project, but now I have spent so many hours on this, and I am determined to make it work. If anyone has the skills or know-how I would gladly pay the price for their help and service.
I should mention I am located in Denmark. The bike has a 36V system and no throttle.

Now, however, I'm just stubborn enough to accept that there is no solution. After all, it must be about rewriting the software in some conceivable way.
BTW: The K1 Flash does not work with my motor.

I would REALLY appreciate your inputs. :)

Best regards,


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Welcome to the forum - and hopefully someone will share M200 mid-drive expereince.

1. Congratulations on the "Speed Unlock" setting to 50kph - have you tested your top speed yet ? Does it top out about 45kph ?

2. As you found out = there appears to be no clear reference to accessing Options for the M200. I might suggest you email egggrider to see if your M200 is compatible to the EggRider V2 display - on other Bafang mid-drives the EggRider V2 allows access to options.

Good luck !
Hi Fabbrisd
Thank you so much for your message.
I did contact Eggrider in the beginning, and they do not support CANBUS :/
I tried the bike this evening for a short distance, but unfortunately the help is so weak, that I would never reach +40 on this heavy bike unless it is down hill.
It seriously feels like riding a normal bike with just a small help. Hard to describe.
Some of my friends have way less expensive bikes with front wheel motor, and the pass me very fast up-hill.
On straight road this evening I did about 33-34 km/h and the (small) help was still there.

BTW. For other interested it might be worth mentioning, that I changed the speed limit with an older version of Besst.
Tried after that with the newest software, and that came up with a warning, that I could not edit higher than the legal km/h.
Here in the US - higher end Bafang mid-drives are marketed - and I don't have any direct expereince with the M200 - to me it seems a bit "set off aside" from the perfomance Bafang mid-drives we have here in the US.

Bafang spec shows 65nm torque - which is respectable torque - and shows 250w output - where here in the US we chase 750/1000 watts with 70nm+ "should get you" to 40-45kph.

You are spot on to "chase" either Programming or Crank & Rear Gear changes..

Do a search on this forum - a bit back there was M200 discussion that opened in English but switched to Dutch in the thred athat might be helpful.

Remember - if you don't get the "changes" you are looking for - BEFORE WINTER is a much better time to sell at a decent price - SNOW kills your chance to sell at a reasonable price - and its a long time until Spring
Hi again
You are absolutely right. I have no clue what a motor with so poor spec is doing in the Bafang catalogue. Maybe for a small kids bike, but no way for an adult. Again EU and the strict rules says that power assisted bikes must be no more than 250W.
I think I will seriously take your advice into consideration and maybe put an ad up for the bike. There must be so many other options like for example the Bosch Performance line.
You bought a bike specifically designed to prevent you from making changes to it. The Bosch stuff is even worse.