Ebike range - how far will your battery go?


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8:15 AM
Jun 16, 2018
Batteries in ebikes are just like petrol in an internal combustion engine. Your driving habits will determine the range (distance) you can travel on your e-bike much like gas mileage you get in your car. Fast starts, full throttle, quick stops at lights, racing other vehicles and weight are all factors that will decrease your range.

An ebike dealer will tell you the range your ebike will get, but just remember the range they claim is under ideal ride conditions eg. no hills, no wind, an average sized rider, no stop and go traffic, moderate acceleration etc.

Depending on the riding conditions and habits you can calculate the range to be anywhere from 60 to 75% of the range the ebike is specified for. Ebike sellers will also claim 300 to 500 charge discharge cycles, but the number of cycles you get will depend on the DOD (depth of discharge) that your battery pack is subjected to.